Aman Ullah

Frontend Engineer

4+ Years of Frontend Engineering,
Skilled in Javascript, React and other frontend technologies



Software Engineer

ShareTrip LTD Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Built the Flight, Hotel, Visa, Holiday, Tour, Transfer's Services for the web platform. Still Working on new features and internal Applications.
  • Leading the Frontend Team and responsible for frontend of all the internal Applications.
  • Built 4 variation of the current b2c website till now to make the site more user friendly and added new features, which brought in 300-400 daily new users
  • Enriched b2b platfrom with new features which helps b2b now generate more revenue than b2c platfrom.
  • Nunjuks and ejs based email and pdf template system
  • Stack: JavaScript - React - Next.js - Mobx - Redux - HTML - SCSS - ejs - nunjuks - jQuery.

Software Engineer

Pharma71 Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Build Pharma71 R&D Mobile app with React Native. Also written Reactjs and markup for the Dashboard app.
  • Stack: JavaScript - React - Redux - React Native - HTML - CSS.

Front End Developer

Beatnik Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Creating web-based services for different Campaigns.
  • Stack: JavaScript, Ionic, HTML,CSS,jQuery, Wordpress.

Front End Developer - 

Colors Of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Designed Multiple Kiosk Content & Worked with high valued local clients
  • Stack: JavaScript, HTML,CSS,jQuery, Wordpress.



Sharetrip Blog
  • Built SEO friendly blog with next.js
  • Added HTML parsing to view Custom Next.js/Reactjs Component in the middle of blog post text content. One time api data caching macanism
  • Stack : JavaScript - React - Next.js - SCSS - Material-ui

Beacon Doctor Portal
  • Portal for doctor to patient communication
  • Implemented Video Call & Real time message
  • Stack : JavaScript - React - Firebase - SCSS - Material-ui

Advanced HTML Page Builder (Launching Soon)
  • Building a PageBuilder from scrath, Which only consume html templates and make those templates editable in most of the necessary layers. Its Wix like editor but based on Themeforest type Templates.Still in Development .
  • Fully Functional Node REST API as backend.
  • Stack: JavaScript - React - Mobx - SCSS - - Webpack - NodeJS - MySQL - Express.js

Other Projects



BA in English (CGPA: 3.01)

Victoria University of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh